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Request Class Reference

#include <pa_request.h>

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Detailed Description

Main workhorse.

Definition at line 44 of file pa_request.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

const Stringabsolute (const String &relative_name)
 returns an absolute path to relative name
HashStringValueclasses ()
 global classes
SQL_Connectionconnection (bool fail_on_error=true)
 returns current SQL connection if any
void core (const char *config_filespec, bool config_fail_on_read_problem, bool header_only)
void execute (ArrayOperation &ops)
 executes ops
const Stringexecute_method (Value &aself, const Method &method, VString *optional_param, bool do_return_string)
StringOrValue execute_method (VMethodFrame &amethodFrame, const Method &method)
 for [body]
Execute_nonvirtual_method_result execute_nonvirtual_method (VStateless_class &aclass, const String &method_name, VString *optional_param, bool do_return_string)
const Stringexecute_virtual_method (Value &aself, const String &method_name)
 for []
Exception_details get_details (const Exception &e)
const char * get_exception_cstr (const Exception &e, Exception_details &details)
bool get_interrupted ()
VMethodFrameget_method_frame ()
Valueget_self ()
Skip get_skip ()
const Stringmime_type_of (const char *user_file_name_cstr)
 returns the mime type of 'user_file_name_cstr'
WContextop_call (VMethodFrame &frame)
Poolpool ()
StringOrValue process (Value &input_value, bool intercept_string=true)
 processes any code-junction there may be inside of value
void recoursion_checked_execute (ArrayOperation &ops)
 execute ops with anti-recoursion check
uint register_file (String::Body file_spec)
const Stringrelative (const char *apath, const String &relative_name)
 returns relative to path path to file
 Request (SAPI_Info &asapi_info, Request_info &arequest_info, String::Language adefault_lang, bool status_allowed)
void set_interrupted (bool ainterrupted)
void set_skip (Skip askip)
const Stringtranscode (const xmlChar *s)
xmlChar * transcode (const String::Body s)
xmlChar * transcode (const String &s)
void use_buf (VStateless_class &aclass, const char *source, const String *main_alias, uint file_no, int line_no_offset=0)
 compiles a source buffer
void use_file (VStateless_class &aclass, const String &file_name, const String *main_alias=0, bool ignore_class_path=false, bool fail_on_read_problem=true, bool fail_on_file_absence=true)
 compiles the file, maybe forcing it's class name and base_class.
void wipe_unused_execution_stack ()
void write_assign_lang (const String &astring)
 appending string, assigning untaint language
void write_assign_lang (Value &avalue)
 appending possible string, assigning untaint language
void write_no_lang (Value &avalue)
 appending sure value, that would be converted to clean string
void write_no_lang (const String &astring)
 appending, sure of clean string inside
void write_pass_lang (Value &avalue)
 appending possible string, passing language built into string being written
void write_pass_lang (const String &astring)
 appending string, passing language built into string being written
const Stringprocess_to_string (Value &input_value)
Valueprocess_to_value (Value &input_value, bool intercept_string=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static void free (void *ptr)
static void * malloc (size_t size)
static void * malloc_atomic (size_t size)
static void operator delete (void *ptr)
static void * operator new (size_t size)
 the sole: instances allocated using our functions
static void * realloc (void *ptr, size_t size)
static char * strdup (const char *auto_variable_never_null, size_t helper_length=0)

Public Attributes

Request_charsets charsets
 source, client, mail charsets
Hash< const String::Body, void * > classes_conf
 classes configured data
bool finterrupted
 interrupted flag, raised on signals [SIGPIPE]
Skip fskip
 'MAIN' class conglomerat & operators are methods of this class
 info from web server
 info about ServerAPI
 current connection
String::Language flang
 current language

Private Member Functions

ArrayClasscompile (VStateless_class *aclass, const char *source, const String *main_alias, uint file_no, int line_no_offset)
void configure ()
void configure_admin (VStateless_class &conf_class)
Valueget_element (Value &ncontext, const String &name, bool can_call_operator)
void output_result (VFile *body_file, bool header_only, bool as_attachment)
void put_element (Value &ncontext, const String &name, Value &value)
void restore_connection (SQL_Connection *aconnection)
void restore_lang (String::Language alang)
SQL_Connectionset_connection (SQL_Connection *aconnection)
String::Language set_lang (String::Language alang)

Private Attributes

bool configure_admin_done
 already executed some method
Exception_trace exception_trace
 exception stack trace
const String::Language fdefault_lang
Pool fpool
Stack< StackItem > stack
 execution stack
uint anti_endless_execute_recoursion
HashStringValue fclasses
 core data
Array< String::Body > file_list
 list of all used files, Operation::file_no = index to it
Hash< const String::Body, bool > used_files
 already used files to avoid cyclic uses


class Exception_trace
class Request_context_saver
class Temp_connection
class Temp_lang
class Temp_request_self


struct  Exception_details
class  Exception_trace
struct  Execute_nonvirtual_method_result
union  StackItem
class  Trace

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