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VHashfile Class Reference

#include <pa_vhashfile.h>

Inheritance diagram for VHashfile:

VStateless_object Pooled Value PA_Allocated

List of all members.

Detailed Description

value of type 'hashfile', implemented with SDBM library bundled in ../libs/sdbm

Definition at line 30 of file pa_vhashfile.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Valueas (const char *atype, bool)
virtual bool as_bool () const
 extract bool
virtual double as_double () const
 extract double
virtual Valueas_expr_result (bool=false)
 what's the meaning of this value in context of expression?
virtual int as_int () const
 extract integer
const Stringas_string ()
virtual VFileas_vfile (String::Language lang=String::L_UNSPECIFIED, const Request_charsets *charsets=0)
 extract file
virtual Valuebase ()
 extract base object or class of Value, if any
virtual Valuebase_object ()
void close ()
void delete_files ()
const Stringdeserialize_value (const apr_sdbm_datum_t key, const apr_sdbm_datum_t value)
void for_each (bool callback(const String::Body, const String &, void *), void *info)
void for_each (bool callback(apr_sdbm_datum_t, void *), void *info)
override VStateless_classget_class ()
 extract VStateless_class
apr_sdbm_tget_db_for_reading ()
apr_sdbm_tget_db_for_writing ()
override Valueget_default_getter (Value &aself, const String &aname)
 VStateless_object: class_transparent.
override Valueget_element (const String &aname, Value &aself, bool looking_up)
 VHashfile: (key)=value.
override HashStringValueget_hash ()
 VHashfile: convert to VHash.
virtual Junctionget_junction ()
 extract Junction
virtual VStateless_classget_last_derived_class ()
 extract VStateless_class
virtual Propertyget_property ()
 extract Property
override Valueget_scalar (Value &aself)
 VStateless_object: class_transparent.
virtual const Stringget_string ()
 extract const String
virtual Tableget_table ()
 extract VTable
bool is (const char *atype)
 type checking helper, uses Value::as
virtual bool is_bool () const
 is this value bool?
virtual bool is_defined () const
 is this value defined?
virtual bool is_evaluated_expr () const
 is this value number?
bool is_open ()
virtual bool is_string () const
 is this value string?
virtual bool is_void () const
 is this value void?
void open (const String &afile_name)
override const VJunctionput_element (Value &, const String &aname, Value *avalue, bool)
 VHashfile: (key)=value, (key)=(value+expires).
void remove (const apr_sdbm_datum_t key)
void remove (const String &aname)
apr_sdbm_datum_t serialize_value (const String &string, time_t time_to_die) const
virtual VObjectset_derived (VObject *)
override const char * type () const
 value type, used for error reporting and 'is' expression operator
 VHashfile (Pool &apool)

Static Public Member Functions

static void free (void *ptr)
static void * malloc (size_t size)
static void * malloc_atomic (size_t size)
static void operator delete (void *ptr)
static void * operator new (size_t size)
 the sole: instances allocated using our functions
static void * realloc (void *ptr, size_t size)
static char * strdup (const char *auto_variable_never_null, size_t helper_length=0)

Protected Member Functions

Valuebark (const char *reason, const String *problem_source=0) const
 throws exception specifying bark-reason and name() type() of problematic value

Private Member Functions

Valueget_field (const String &aname)
void put_field (const String &aname, Value *avalue)

Private Attributes

const char * file_name

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