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VMethodFrame Class Reference

#include <pa_vmethod_frame.h>

Inheritance diagram for VMethodFrame:

WContext Value PA_Allocated

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Method frame write context accepts values written by method code also handles method parameters and local variables

Definition at line 111 of file pa_vmethod_frame.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Valueas (const char *atype, bool)
virtual bool as_bool () const
 extract bool
virtual double as_double () const
 extract double
virtual Valueas_expr_result (bool=false)
 what's the meaning of this value in context of expression?
virtual int as_int () const
 extract integer
const Stringas_string ()
virtual VFileas_vfile (String::Language lang=String::L_UNSPECIFIED, const Request_charsets *charsets=0)
 extract file
void attach_junction (Junction *ajunction)
override Valuebase ()
 VMethodFrame: self_transparent.
virtual Valuebase_object ()
VMethodFramecaller ()
bool can_store_param ()
void fill_unspecified_params ()
override VStateless_classget_class ()
 VMethodFrame: self_transparent.
bool get_constructing ()
override Valueget_element (const String &aname, Value &, bool looking_up)
 VMethodFrame: my or self_transparent or $caller.
virtual HashStringValueget_hash ()
bool get_in_expression ()
virtual Junctionget_junction ()
 extract Junction
virtual VStateless_classget_last_derived_class ()
 extract VStateless_class
virtual Propertyget_property ()
 extract Property
bool get_somebody_entered_some_class ()
override const Stringget_string ()
 VMethodFrame: $result | parent get_string(=accumulated fstring).
virtual Tableget_table ()
 extract VTable
bool is (const char *atype)
 type checking helper, uses Value::as
virtual bool is_bool () const
 is this value bool?
virtual bool is_defined () const
 is this value defined?
virtual bool is_evaluated_expr () const
 is this value number?
virtual bool is_string () const
 is this value string?
virtual bool is_void () const
 is this value void?
MethodParamsnumbered_params ()
override const VJunctionput_element (Value &, const String &aname, Value *avalue, bool)
 VMethodFrame: my or self_transparent.
override StringOrValue result ()
Valueself ()
 we sure that someone already set our self with VMethodFrame::set_self(Value&)
void set_constructing (bool aconstructing)
virtual VObjectset_derived (VObject *)
void set_in_expression (bool ain_expression)
void set_self (Value &aself)
void set_somebody_entered_some_class ()
void store_param (Value &value)
override const char * type () const
 value type, used for error reporting and 'is' expression operator
 VMethodFrame (const Junction &ajunction, VMethodFrame *acaller)
virtual void write (Value &avalue)
 writes Value; raises an error if already, providing origin
virtual void write (const String &astring, String::Language alang)
 appends a fstring to result
void write (Value &avalue, String::Language alang)

Static Public Member Functions

static void free (void *ptr)
static void * malloc (size_t size)
static void * malloc_atomic (size_t size)
static void operator delete (void *ptr)
static void * operator new (size_t size)
 the sole: instances allocated using our functions
static void * realloc (void *ptr, size_t size)
static char * strdup (const char *auto_variable_never_null, size_t helper_length=0)

Public Attributes

const Junctionjunction

Protected Types

typedef const VJunction
put_element_t )(const String &aname, Value *avalue)

Protected Member Functions

Valuebark (const char *reason, const String *problem_source=0) const
 throws exception specifying bark-reason and name() type() of problematic value
Valueget_result_variable ()
void set_my_variable (const String &fname, Value &value)

Protected Attributes

put_element_t put_element_impl
size_t store_param_index

Private Member Functions

const VJunctionput_element_global (const String &aname, Value *avalue)
const VJunctionput_element_local (const String &aname, Value *avalue)

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