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/** @file
      Parser: Value, Method, Junction .

      Copyright (c) 2001-2005 ArtLebedev Group (http://www.artlebedev.com)
      Author: Alexandr Petrosian <paf@design.ru> (http://paf.design.ru)

#ifndef PA_VALUE_H
#define PA_VALUE_H

static const char * const IDENT_VALUE_H="$Date: 2007-04-23 10:30:49 $";

#include "pa_string.h"
#include "pa_array.h"
#include "pa_exception.h"
#include "pa_property.h"

// forwards

class VStateless_class;
class WContext;
class Request; class Request_charsets;
class Junction;
class VJunction;
class Method;
template<typename K, typename V> class Hash;
class Value;
typedef Hash<const String::Body, Value*> HashStringValue; 
typedef Hash<const String::Body, PA_Object*> HashStringObject;
typedef Array<Value*> ArrayValue;
class MethodParams;
class VObject;
class VMethodFrame;
class VFile;
class Table;

///   grandfather of all @a values in @b Parser
00038 class Value: public PA_Object {
public: // Value

      /// value type, used for error reporting and 'is' expression operator
      virtual const char* type() const =0;

      /** remember derived class instance 
          - VObject: the only client
      virtual VObject* set_derived(VObject* /*aderived*/);

            all except VObject/VClass: this if @atype eq type()
            VObject/VClass: can locate parent class by it's type
00053       virtual Value* as(const char* atype, bool /*looking_up*/) {
            return atype && strcmp(type(), atype)==0?this:0;
      /// type checking helper, uses Value::as
00057       bool is(const char* atype) { return as(atype, false)!=0; }
      /// is this value defined?
00060       virtual bool is_defined() const { return true; }
      /// is this value string?
00063       virtual bool is_string() const { return false; }

      /// is this value void?
00066       virtual bool is_void() const { return false; }

      /// is this value bool?
00069       virtual bool is_bool() const { return false; }

      /// is this value number?
00072       virtual bool is_evaluated_expr() const { return false; }

      /// what's the meaning of this value in context of expression?
00075       virtual Value& as_expr_result(bool /*return_string_as_is*/=false) {
            return *bark("is '%s', can not be used in expression"); 

      /** extract HashStringValue if any
00084       virtual HashStringValue* get_hash() { return 0; }
      /// extract const String
00087       virtual const String* get_string() { return 0; }
      /// extract double
00090       virtual double as_double() const { bark("is '%s', it does not have numerical (double) value"); return 0; }
      /// extract integer
00093       virtual int as_int () const { bark("is '%s', it does not have numerical (int) value"); return 0; }

      /// extract bool
00096       virtual bool as_bool() const { bark("is '%s', it does not have logical value"); return 0; }
      /// extract file
      virtual VFile* as_vfile(String::Language lang=String::L_UNSPECIFIED, 
            const Request_charsets* charsets=0);
      /// extract Junction
      virtual Junction* get_junction();
      /// extract Property
00106       virtual Property* get_property() { return 0; }
      /** extract base object of Value
            @return for
            - VObject: fbase
      virtual Value* base_object();
      /// @return Value element; can return Junction for methods; Code-Junction for code; Getter-Junction for property
      virtual Value* get_element(const String& /*aname*/, Value& /*aself*/, bool /*looking_up*/);

      /// indicator value meaning that put_element overwritten something
00118       #define PUT_ELEMENT_REPLACED_ELEMENT reinterpret_cast<const VJunction*>(1)
      /// store Value element under @a name
      /// @returns putter method junction, or it can just report[PUT_ELEMENT_REPLACED_ELEMENT] 
      /// that it replaced something in base fields 
00122       virtual const VJunction* put_element(Value& /*aself*/, const String& aname, Value* /*avalue*/, bool /*areplace*/) { 
            // to prevent modification of system classes,
            // created at system startup, and not having exception
            // handler installed, we neet to bark using request.pool
            bark("element can not be stored to %s", &aname); 
            return 0;
      /// extract VStateless_class
      virtual VStateless_class *get_class()=0;

      /// extract VStateless_class
00134       virtual VStateless_class *get_last_derived_class() {
            return get_class();
      /// extract base object or class of Value, if any
00138       virtual Value* base() { return 0; }

      /// extract VTable
00141       virtual Table* get_table() { return 0; }

public: // usage

      /// @return sure String. if it doesn't have string value barks
00146       const String& as_string() {
            const String* result=get_string(); 
                  bark("is '%s', it has no string representation");

            return *result;


      /// throws exception specifying bark-reason and name() type() of problematic value
00157       Value* bark(const char *reason, const String *problem_source=0) const {
            //if(this) // removing warnings on unreachable code
                  throw Exception(PARSER_RUNTIME,
                        reason, type());

            //return 0;


      $content-type[text/html] -> 
            content-type: text/html
      $content-type[$value[text/html] charset[windows-1251]] -> 
            content-type: text/html; charset=windows-1251
const String& attributed_meaning_to_string(Value& meaning, 
                                 String::Language lang, 
                                 bool forced=false,
                                 bool allow_bool=false);

// defines

///@{common field names
00183 #define CHARSET_NAME "charset"
#define VALUE_NAME "value"
#define EXPIRES_NAME "expires"
#define CONTENT_TYPE_NAME "content-type"
#define NAME_NAME "name"

///@{common field names
extern const String value_name;
extern const String expires_name;
extern const String content_type_name;
extern const String name_name;


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